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Re-Skilling Teachers to Train Students With 21st Century Learning Skills

Since technology and digitization assumed a center stage in our lives, education has seen a massive transformation.

Bringing learners up to speed with the demands of the current industry trends became the ultimate goal for every educator, and how to achieve this became a burning issue. Curriculum were adapted and school systems modified to inculcate technology into daily routines without disrupting the comfort of students at every stage of their learning journey. However, with all the focus div

Refocus and reform

With the onus on students and parents to deal with exam stress, the education sector needs to pitch in to transform the very purpose of exams

Two things happened recently which can be seen as a light at the end of a rather dark education tunnel in India.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a town-hall style session on ‘Pariksha pe Charcha 2.0’ — an event which received a great viewership from schools and students around the world.

This was followed by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)

Common types of online frauds and how to avoid them

The festive season is the time of excitement and adrenalin, entertainment and celebrations, gifting shopping and gifting et al, it is also the time when we become less mindful of how much and how we spend our monies. Remember, as the transaction count and sources go up, so does the risk of fraud.

In the festival season, online frauds are nothing new and more so given the current pandemic situation, online or digital payments are more of the norm, and unsuspecting people are prone to falling pre

5 ways to engage kids at home amid coronavirus crisis

The global pandemic coronavirus or covid-19 has caused a road bump in children’s educational journey. While students are thrilled at the extended summer vacation, parents are worried about the missing school days, as well as the time spent sitting idly at home.

During summer vacations, children usually divert their energy in outdoor activities and games. However, a mass lockdown in the country has forced everyone to stay at home.

Under these circumstances, virtual classrooms started by some sc

Create future leaders with a balance of academics and sports

UNESCO’s International Charter of Physical Education and Sports states, “Every human being has a fundamental right of access to physical education and sport, which are essential for the full development of his personality. The freedom to develop physical, intellectual and moral powers through physical education and sport must be guaranteed both within the educational system and in other aspects of social life.” The charter was first out in 1978 and later amended in 2015 in tune with modern day r

7 smart financing moves first-time salary earners need to make

Earning one’s own money is one of the most empowering phases in the life of a young adult. Since the time one chooses one’s career path to the time one receives one’s degree, the thought of a cushy job with a healthy paycheck is one of the most important motivation drivers. However, lack of awareness about how to manage that money calls for ‘why financial planning & literacy is important?’ The question leads to the core of what it takes to a successful and secure life.

Multiple studies have pro

The rise of Experiential Learning and its impact on 21st Century Education

How does one learn to ride a bicycle? The trick is to mount one, start to peddle, fall off a few times before learning to balance oneself and making it a joyride. Same is the case with learning to swim or learning not to play with fire or sharp objects.

In a nutshell, the best way to learn something is to experience it firsthand.

The activity of engaging various senses such as seeing, hearing, listening and feeling in order to learn something new and which helps one relate is called ‘Experient